Saturday, June 14, 2008

Spotlight Links

So, my husband and I were talking about how science would soon be able to fix genes.
And I said that it would lead to a technologic feudal system. Because at first, it would be so expensive that only the wealthy could have it (we'll call them the Haves). And by the time the price got down to where a price where everyone could have it, the Haves won't want everyone to have it. Because the Haves are all like, "Hey, we still need to have ditches dug, so we can find people lying dead in them. If everyone can be as cool as us, no one will want to dig ditches. So, we have to leave some people out or else we won't have any ditches. And a society needs ditches. We're doing this for the good of all of society. Because they're happier down there."

My husband argued that the world see and understand it would actually be better, in the long run, to give gene therapy to anyone who wants it.

Isn't he cute?

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