Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm thinking

I'm thinking about moving my blog. Okay, this is a little complicated.
Once upon a time, I was know as the Crazy Bunny Lady. Like a crazy cat lady, but with bunnies. This got shortened to Crazy Bunny. But at some point, I named my blog "Bipolar Bunny," as I have bipolar disorder and I think I'm a bunny. And I became Bipolar Bunny. But my address is still I also, for long and complicated reasons, have two names and two e-mail addresses. And these are all jumbled together, with no rhyme or reason. And I don't use Crazy Bunny anymore, so I should make a new blog and move. But that would require me to make a new blog and move. That seems like a lot of trouble and then my few loyal readers(?I don't know; there's not really anything to read) would have to change their links and it would be a thing.
What should I do?


Karrie said...

Whatever you decide, PLEASE, keep posting cuz I LOVE the jokes you post!!! Karrie at

Anonymous said...

I kind of like the reliability of the current blog but i can understand wanting a change.

Trina said...

Do whatever makes things easiest and most fun for YOU :~D

Anonymous said...

yep, wherever you go, I will follow. you just have to let me know if you change so I don't think you dropped off the face of the earth :)

I love and miss you!

Pink Velvet Bird said...

Organize and simplify it all if you can. It'll be a bit of work to do it, but after that you can put your paws up and relax without so many complications.
Then go hug a bunny :)

Anonymous said...

Do what suits you best else you'll lose interest in the long run. Just make sure those of us who follow know where to go.