Friday, January 4, 2013

Worked Freakishly Hard on This

YaY! I have received an award from the lovely Polly Pocket who has such a pretty, interesting blog. Go check it out! Thankyou!

So the idea of this is award is to:

  1. Let everyone else know about the wonderful person that nominated you and thank them from the bottom of your heart :)
  2. Write 7 random facts about yourself that other people may not know
  3. Award 15 other blogs with this award :)
    15 Random Things About Bipolar Bunny 1.) Bipolar Bunny is a small, grey bunny rabbit.  You don't know!  I could be!  On the Internet, anyone could be a bunny!
    2.) Bipolar Bunny has in every single birth order at some point in her life.  But all boiled down... she's 13th out of 15 kids. 
    3.) Bipolar Bunny is helping her sister, Tamara, start selling her (Tamara's) photography.  Oh, you guys are going to hear so much crap about that soon enough.
    4.) Bipolar Bunny (something you don't know?  So, saying I have Bipolar and like bunnies, probably doesn't count. But I'm a pretty on the surface person.  I'm probably exactly what you think I am  This is getting hard.) has no deep dark secrets.
    5.) Bipolar Bunny has grey eyes.
    6.) Bipolar Bunny has an English/Writing degree from Towson University.  Yeah, well, Towson's never heard of you, either.
    7.) Bipolar Bunny lives in Lindenhurst, Illinois (please do not pronounce the S).  There's no reason you should ever have heard of Lindenhurst.
    8.) Bipolar Bunny will, if she can find you, beat you badly for incorrectly using the word, "literary."
    9.) Bipolar Bunny has a sister who makes this great apple cake.  Of course, statistically speaking, one of my very, many siblings should be exceptional in some way.  None of them are.  Come on, Beth... it's just apple cake.
    10.) Bipolar Bunny says Sisko is the best.
    11.) Bipolar Bunny is thinking about redoing the front walk.
    12.) Bipolar Bunny is a published author.
    13.) Bipolar Bunny loves moving water - beaches, streams, rivers, cricks
    14.) Bipolar Bunny has over 2,100 books.
    15.) Bipolar Bunny has a real name.


Shannon said...

13 out of 15 kids!!! WOW!! ;)

BipolarBunny said...

I did it wrong. It was supposed to be 7 facts and 15 invites. Oops.

Bunya said...

You got two other awards ...

victor immature said...

I once lived in Towson. I like Maryland. I wish you would post some of your book covers, library (i'm a library voyeur) and a link to your writing.

BipolarBunny said...

Victor - I am sadly afraid I haven't made it to book form. Lots of paper journals that don't have websites.
And then, And then... my computer ate everything I've ever written. Ever. It looks like it's still in there. My husband promises to try to dig it out. I scoff.
But hop on over to my other blog, where you will find copies of some of my previously published work.