Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spotlight Story

Did you know if somebody calls in a possible 5150 on you, the police can drag you from your home, beaten you down, and lock you in the hospital? You can't leave AMA and you can't refuse drugs. And once they're satisfied that theerson who called it in was just being vindictive and cruel, you're screwed because they pulled you out of the house in you PJs. You don't have any or any way to get home. Isn't that just fucking great? I have to go change my bandages now.


Bunya said...

So sorry this happened to you and can't believe they would not have the decency to return you home. Hope you can bring charges against the idiot who abuses the law for no reason other than s/he is an idiot. Actually, I would hope they would bring the charges like they would for any other law breaker filing a false report without you having to do anything. Sounds like assault, too.

BipolarBunny said...

Yeah. It was just pure luck I had a pair of pants with a credit card in the pocket. (10 points for not cleaning the house)

Anonymous said...
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